#27 Flame Seamless Paper

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Superior #27 Flame Seamless Background Paper is used to create photography backdrops, theatrical sets, visual displays, special event environments and more.


Thick, matte paper

Acid-free, lignin free and pH neutral

Wound on a cardboard core (2-1/8” core diameter)

Unroll what you need each session




Standard sizes

Find the perfect sized photo backdrop to fit your home or studio. All 50 Superior Seamless Paper colors are available in sizes ranging from approximately 4-1/2 feet wide to 9 feet wide with 36 feet of length.

EXTRA WIDE 140 inches wide x 50 feet (3.56m x 15m) and 140 inches wide x 100 feet (3.56m x 30m) available in 85 Chroma Green, 88 Gray, 90 White and 97 Black.

Specialty sizes may also be available depending upon your region. Check with your local distributor »

53″ wide x 36′ long / 1.35m x 11m

(Weighs 7 lbs. / 2.72 kg)

ideal for Headshots and 3/4 body model images, small products

86″ wide x 36′ long / 2.18m x 11m

(Weighs 14 lbs / 6.35 kg)

Great for achieving full body model images in smaller studio spaces or on-location

107″ wide x 36′ long / 2.72m x 11m

(weighs 16 lbs / 7.26 kg)

accomodate Full body model images, couples or large products

107″ wide x 150′ long / 2.27m x 46m

(weighs 49 lbs / 22.23 kg)

the EXTRA LENGTH IS Great for high-traffic studios!

Environmental facts

  • Manufactured from certified managed forests
  • Produced with 100% hydro power
  • ECF Guarantee (Elemental Chlorine Free)
  • Contains recycled fiber
  • 100% Recyclable

How do I use it?

With at least 36 feet of paper on each roll, you can get plenty of use from each! Whether you are setting up for a portrait photo shoot, a video interview or a vlog, follow these simple steps.

Hang from a stand

We recommend hanging our seamless paper on a professional backdrop stand. 

Unroll the paper

Your paper will come finished with a perforated edge or tape. Cut tape easily with a utility knife or pull the perforated edge to begin unrolling your backdrop. 

Leave hanging or sweep out

If you are capturing headshots you can unwind the paper to the floor. If you are capturing full body images you can sweep the paper out onto hard, flat flooring. Clamp the roll to the stand with an inexpensive spring clamp to keep it from unraveling.  

We’re behind your great images.