Versatile, affordable and colorful, seamless background paper is a staple in all types of creative artists’ gear closets. If you’re looking for some inspiration for how you can best utilize your new roll of Superior Seamless Paper, check out 6 popular uses for paper backdrops here, and leave a comment letting us know what you creative projects you use yours for!

 1. Photography Backdrop

Seamless paper is a popular choice for producing modern and professional backdrops for photography. It is ideal for commercial and fashion photography in helping portray a clean aesthetic with a dramatic shade like #57 Thunder Gray, #44 Jet or bright #93 Arctic White.

Paper backgrounds are also especially great for potentially messy subjects like babies, food or pet photography, because the used end portion of the roll can be cut off and recycled after each photo shoot. Bright colors like #17 Carnation Pink, #78 Sunshine and #2 Sky Blue are great options for these kinds of family portraits. 

fashion photography gray seamless paper backdroppaper backdrop
dog photo alpine seamless paper backdrop
baby portrait carnation pink seamless paper backdrop

2. Video Interview and Vlogging Background


Not just great for still photography, seamless paper works well to eliminate distracting backgrounds on location video shoots. An unattractive conference room, hallway, or gymnasium can be covered with a wide 107″ paper roll for interview settings and talking head videos. Try a medium gray background like #71 Lunar Gray, or a color that complements your client’s branding.


Similarly, Youtube vloggers with lifestyle, beauty or fashion focused channels can find vibrant colored backdrops like #49 Mardi Gras, #14 Forsythia Yellow or #6 Nassau to enhance their channel branding and energize their video content. Even if filming in a small bedroom, a 53″ or 86″ wide paper roll can be easily set up to cover up environmental distractions.


seamless paper vlogging background
seamless paper vlogging background

 3. Window Display

Used for decades outside the photo/video industry for retail and art displays, seamless paper is still commonly used within store window displays. Because it is lightweight, long and can be custom cut to any length or shape, paper is an easy and versatile prop.

seamless paper window display

 4. Crafting

With 50 rich colors available, this thick quality paper is a handy creative tool for large paper crafting projects. Building custom background sets for photo booths or events is limitless, considering the paper can be cut out in shapes, painted or drawn on, crinkled, and more! Wrap objects for a monotone prop set or fold large paper flowers for a wall installation.

painting on seamless background paper
breaking through seamless background paper
seamless paper craft flower

5. School Banners

Covering hallways with signage or creating long event banners is another great use for multiple sizes of seamless paper rolls. A 53″ wide roll will give 36′ of length to write across for school banner use, and a 107″ wide roll is best suited to cover hallways and walls when rolled out sideways.  

With a clean, blank slate with every roll, what will you try out with your Superior Seamless Paper for your next creative project?