A few simple, inexpensive accessories to keep in your studio space can help your seamless paper backdrop last longer and stay in prime condition.

Backdrop Setup Tools

These accessories will help you create a safe, professional background set for your photography.

Background stand

A good backdrop stand will serve you for years, keep your paper in good shape, and allow you to set up almost anywhere – indoors or out.

photography backdrop stand
photography backdrop stand


These are a must-have. Sandbags act as a counterbalance to the weight of the paper roll at the top of your background stand. When setting paper backgrounds up outdoors, always use two sandbags around the base of each upright. A gust of wind could turn any backdrop (cloth or paper) into a sail, and sandbags will help keep your set from tipping.

Multi-tool with a blade

Everyone should have one in their pocket.  Handy for removing tape from the cut edge of your paper, tightening a loose bolt or screw, and a myriad of other on-set tasks.

photography backdrop stand
gaffer tape

Gaffer Tape

The benefits of duct tape, without the sticky residue. Use gaffer tape to secure electrical cords and paper edges to the floor, mark bag handles, stands and other equipment, affix paper to almost any wall, and tape the end of your paper roll when you pack up.

Backdrop Maintenance

These accessories will make your life on set a little bit easier and cleaner.

Handheld duster

A quick way to remove dusty footprints or tiny pieces of glitter and other miscellaneous debris from your seamless paper.

Shoe booties

Decrease footprints by slipping on disposable shoe booties when walking across the paper during setup.

Magic Eraser

More stubborn scuffs or dirt marks can often be removed from paper, even white paper, with a micropore sponge such as a Magic Eraser.

Clear shipping tape

Occasionally the edge of the paper can get torn accidentally. Catching a rip when it is small is key to avoid having to cut several feet off of the length of your paper. Shipping tape is usually very thin and won’t create wrinkles when rolling the paper back up.  Align torn edges carefully and tape from the back side of the paper.

 The box your paper came in 

Don’t throw this away. It can really help preserve your paper and protect it from sunlight, damage from equipment, etc. After use; re-roll your paper tightly, tape it securely, slide it back into the box (without the plastic sleeve which can trap moisture), and tape the box end back up. Label the sides of the box with a marker so you can easily tell what color is inside, and store the box vertically in a cool, dry place. All paper absorbs moisture from the air, which can cause the surface texture to appear less smooth. If you are located in a very humid area, a dehumidifier placed in your storage area can be very effective in extending the life of your paper and other photo equipment.


Break out those primary school skills and get creative with your paper. Trim it, layer it, crumple it, tear it – go bananas!

Large cutting mat
Large, self-healing mats (sold at sewing supply stores) can be very useful for cutting shapes and patterns out of Seamless Paper without damaging your table or floor.

Glue stick or spray adhesive
When gluing large sections of paper together for a creative project, choose a high-quality, high-strength adhesive to make sure things stay put.