Working in a studio, we have a wide variety of background material options to choose from. Cloth and canvas backdrops are popular, as are vinyl, matte board, and specialty surfaces. In addition, painted walls, textured wood or brick panels and corrugated metal sheets are sometimes used.  However – the most frequently used background in professional studios is colored seamless paper.  Why is that?  Here are some of the reasons why backdrop paper reigns supreme:


Paper backdrops are used for just about every area of photography and videography, such as;

  • Fashion and beauty portraits
  • Artistic/Powerful headshots
  • Children’s portraits
  • Pet photography
  • Product shots
  • Creative projects

Color and Variety

Color and tone choices are crucial elements to crafting every image. They help to define and convey the intended mood and message.  You can adjust the tone of the backdrop with lighting and exposure for even more versatility. 


A clean, even backdrop will not distract from the subject, but will help to support the viewer’s focus.  Seamless paper gives your background a smooth, saturated, reflection-free, unwrinkled, uncluttered – some might even say seamless – result. Each and every time.  Our paper backdrops are consistent from the beginning of the roll to the end.  Spend less time editing!  Super clean backgrounds speed up your workflow.

Problem Solving

Need a cyc wall? Create that iconic infinite white background look with an Arctic White seamless paper sweep. Want to try your hand at green screen video or image compositing? Our Stinger green and Royal Blue papers have you covered. 

Female model posing for photographer


Cared for properly, paper backgrounds can be used over and over again. Keep them clean, dry, and store them vertically for the best results.  You’ll be surprised by how long they last!


The low cost of paper as compared to other background alternatives allows you to have multiple paper options on hand.  Have you priced a cyclorama wall recently?

Multiple Sizes

We have paper rolls sized for tabletop photographers as well as commercial studios. Our 86 inch wide size is the sweet spot for traveling photographers. Portable, lightweight and easy to handle; the 86” size fits easily in most vehicles while still being wide enough for multiple subjects. 


Did your morning client spill their coffee on the backdrop and your afternoon client is on their way?  No problem; just trim the end and roll out some more of that fresh, beautiful paper.


Our paper is made from 75% recycled paper right out of the box.  When you’re done with it, it is 100% recyclable, so head to the blue bin so it can make it’s way back to the beginning!


What Superior Seamless Paper color will you choose next?