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How can Superior Seamless Background Paper help your next creative project?


Create a professional and modern photo background for family portraits, fashion photography, products and more.


girl jumping on purple photography background

Vlogging & video

Declutter distracting backgrounds with a clean and vibrant seamless backdrop that can fit any set, small or large.

makeup artist on pink background

Visual Displays

Create interesting window displays, crafts or or art projects by cutting, layering, drawing or painting with 50 rich colored paper rolls.

blue block on paper background

Why trust Superior Seamless?

Professional, modern, cost-effective.

Proudly made in the USA. Trusted worldwide for over 50 years. Our background paper enables artists and content creators unlimited color creativity at affordable prices. We’re working to reduce our environmental impact, with paper made from an average of 75% recycled fibers.

Where can I purchase Superior Seamless Paper?


Superior Seamless Paper is sold in camera stores and retailers near you. Browse our store locator to find your local stocking dealer.